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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A father’s pain

PP Wangchuk

When we are in deep suffering and pain, we either try to seek refuge in God or question his authority and morality. At times, one may do both simultaneously. Nothing wrong with that. As frail and ignorant human beings, we all fall prey to such ways of life in order to seek a way out of troubling

situations that we are thrown into for, apparently, no fault of ours.
I was prompted to write this after reading columnist Arun Shourie's book, 'Does He Know a Mother's Heart? : How Suffering Refutes Religions'. Shourie, who has a spastic son, Adit, 35, has seen, felt and lived with suffering all his life very stoically, but with doubts and a thousand questions unanswered in his mind. The book that he has written is an account of his mental pain, anguish and helplessness parents have to endure for God's ways of indiscretion. At times when he feels how helpless he is, he questions the very morality of God.

If Shourie has gone through a life of agony and torture, experience has also taught him how to lessen and carry on with piercing pain. He finds salvation in the potentiality of the untapped mind. Meditation, he feels, can trigger a kind of mechanism that can give you the required peace of mind and awareness to deal with the problems in life. But he is at the same time one who has strong belief in the power of action. Action, he believes, is a greater anti-dot and a pain killer. One must work on things that can minimise one's pain and help those who are suffering or those who are trying to lessen others' pain.

Shourie dismisses using props like God and godmen. One may or may not take such an attitude but it is true that nothing works like 'action'. A 'doer' can overtake a 'sayer' a hundred times. Action is life and inaction is death. Convince yourself that inaction is the greatest sin. And it compounds into a life of misery.
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