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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hope of humanity by love

Gautam Gigoo

Once upon a time there was living a family of four members happiness sorrow kindness humbleness they live in us their home was soul with no doors windows or verandah there was
thier mother hope four of them were sweet and pure like their mother . sometimes one was left alone other one was there to support they used to teach humanity and love learned

from mother hope i am also human being rotten because of outer dust surrounded by inner pearl of soul of hope my mother i have learned from her humanity love care not words they
are precious then life or home moral is these four members bond with us to support soul in humans and blessed by god calling sorrow also with them. love is supported by humanity
caring and trust between souls. each one would know and hold at every stage. HOPE is sweeter then the any sweet for filling emptyness in soul caring and sharing are cousins of
them just like flower loves even the sorrow of dryness and shining of blossom the same is with soul soul is kind mother of body saving from every thorns made due to the sometimes
egoistic self centered mind soul is saver and hope of humanity saves from trouble and makes us one by pure love a human being is not known by the postion but character of the nature
the four friends remind us from the first day of life to serve with them trust them but we trust strangers and become danger hmm so hope of humanity is connected with love where
caring sharing helping are also family members god bless humanity always and save for love so that there is no difference between human it is not we are one by soul
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Aparna soul of mother

Gautam Gigoo

This story of immortal innocence of love starts from village in kolkatta there lived young aged girl her name was aparna she was teacher she used to teach children both in morning
evening class there was no age bar aparna was not a teacher she was mother to her children

actually children coming to her home for study were orphan but aparna with her pure
innocent soul of mother love them take care of them they started living with aparna she loved them so much without thinking who were they or what she was innocent and clear from
soul noone was crying or shouting in front of her children respected her they were always saying to her she is their mother aparna used to smile with tears of happiness .
Aparna had also lost her mother one week ago she was old and seriously ill and her father died when she was child she was not broken she started to teach children in the village
the children are orphan no one was willing to see them the humanity was gone when they met aparna they were all happy from within aparna and children were living in her home

sharing food not in plate aparna affectiontely put every single piece of food with love and care to children they eat with aparnas hand and aparna eats with children sweet hands
children aand aparna are not strangers they are connected through god grace god sent aparna to be mother of the children and all were living in the family this story tells only
one thing love and affection is not categorised if anything changes every mother takes care of her child even if he is not her son mamata is the answer in the story thank you aparna
aparna forget all the things even her own problems those children sweet innocent smile and their fingers relieved her they lived happily forever with feeling of aparnas mamta care and
their smile. APARNA was sweet soul hearted living with her children loving them she knew that she is their mother and children her soul they were all dear to her more then anything
THEY were blessed with soul of aparna her tears had become sweet water and she used to give that sacred watr to children and herself they all become one soul of love
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