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Monday, August 15, 2011

Prisoner of excuses

PP Wangchuk

At times we become prisoners of our excuses and try to look for reasons for not doing what we should be doing. We invent convenient excuses for not taking up a task and keep on postponing it. One way of doing this is to say that the situation is not good and that it would be better to

wait for another day, another time. And thus we lose days and months waiting for the right time for action. In the process, we lose several chances for “achievements” that could have been ours.
Aren’t we told to remember that tomorrow never comes? And even if it comes, things may not be any better, or may be worse. That is why it is said that if you don't do today's work today, you have missed a chance to do a thing that could have made a big difference in your life.

So, wisdom lies in letting things and situations be as they are because they too have reasons for what they are and where they are. You must make the best use of whatever situation you have to deal with. Once you take up your task, there is always a possibility that the situation that you found earlier unfavourable may turn out to be quite good enough to be in your favour.

And you are too happy to carry out the task at hand.

One must remind oneself of what Horace had said, "Seize today, and put as little trust as you can in the morrow." It gives us the message that tomorrow you don't know; and what you are certain about is today. Exploit it and get the best out of it. And if you have tomorrow to deal with, it is a bonus.

Our sages tell us that dedication and devotion can get one whatever one wants. With these two “tools” in life, one can even expect miracles. And what are miracles?

They are nothing but the fruits of hard work and perspiration. Nothing in life ever becomes real until you expect it and work for it wholeheartedly.
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A hero we forgot

CD Verma

On this Independence Day, let me recall two national heroes: Shyam Lal Gupt of north India, and P.Venkayya of South India. Perhaps many people do not know that it was Shyam Lal Gupt who wrote the famous national song ‘Jhanda Ooncha Rahey Hamara…. ‘ Even today this song, emblematic

of national unity, is sung in chorus at the flag hoisting functions. And it was P.Venkayya, a resident of Muslipatnam in the Andhra Pradesh, who designed the National Flag, our Tricolour.
Shyam Lal Gupt, son of Vishvesar Gupt and Kaushalya Gupt, was born in 1893 in village Narwal in Kanpur district of UP. After completing his education, he started a monthly magazine “Sachiv” to give expression to and satisfy his patriotic and literary urges. It was through this magazine that he came in contact with Ganesh shankar Vidyarthi.

At his instance he joined the congress party and joined the Indian National Movement, led by Mahatma Gandhi.

By that time, the Congress had designed and approved the Tricolour as the national flag.

Now was needed a national song which could inspire and stir the minds and souls of millions of people of India. Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, convinced of Shyam Lal Gupt’s literary acumen, entrusted this job to him. So enthused by the patriotic fervor and flash Shyam Lal was that he took just one night to compose the song. And thus was born the national song.

Vidyarthi handed over the song to Purushotam Dass Tandon, the then Congress president. At the direction of Mahatma Gandhi, this song was sung in chorus at the 1938 Haripur Congress Session.

At this Congress session, Subhash Chander Bose had hoisted the national flag. In 1967, Mrs Indira Gandi, had honoured Shyam Lal Gupt with a ‘tamra patra’ at a function held at the Red Fort. Before 1967, people did not know the creator of the national song.

And after 1967, you and I never cared to ever remember this great hero. Can we be more grateful hereafter?
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A month to redeem

Firoz Bakht Ahmed

The month during which the gates of mercy are wide open, the gates of hell are shut and the devils are chained up is the ninth month in the Hijri calendar — Ramzan — holding special significance for Muslims. This month is the most superior of months in which Allah revealed the Quran. The

sighting of the new moon is a social event in itself. The enthusiasm is such that it is welcomed by bursting of crackers. No matter what religion, fasting from food, water and other things sets a context within which a person tries to establish God’s presence in his soul. He who fasts also knows that he has to keep away from hypocrisy, covetousness, lies, dishonesty, backbiting and evil in all its manifestations.
A fasting person feels very close to other human beings and the rest of the creation as well. He can feel the pangs of agony suffered by a beggar who does not get his food on a daily basis. He is much more forgiving and adjustable and accepting of their co-workers.

He is more liable to overlook others’ frailties, frivolities, whims and petty jealousies. He becomes truly humane.

God’s blessings and mercy are so abundant this month that anybody who truly repents becomes as free of sins at the end of the month as when he was born.

It is a glorious chance offered to us by the Almighty, a chance to cleanse and purify ourselves from the filth of sins and evil.

The Holy Prophet has advised believers: “O people . . . your back is breaking under the heavy load of your sins, so prostrate yourself before Him (in Ramzan) for long intervals, and make it lighter.”

Muslims must make it sure that Ramzan, instead of becoming a season for culinary competition, gluttony and wasteful consumption, becomes a period when the faithful not only show piety and compassion but also use the occasion to send across a strong message of communal harmony with love and brotherhood.

They must remind themselves that there are millions going hungry while they feast during Ramzan.
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Belief in Creator must

Rajesh Krishan

As humans, we have limitations. This is probably why we set boundaries in our lives; and as a result, we have to limit our view on life. Some of us believe that human life is related to religion; while others, especially the younger generation, perceive life from a so-called ‘practical’

angle, and relate the source of life to science.
Both the views are important as they are driven by the same source — belief.

Both the beliefs are meant to make us believe that we understand how the world functions and the role human beings play in it. However, I’m not a strict follower of religion, nor am I an ardent science fan.

I firmly believe that human life in every kind of form is sacred as it’s powered by God.

We are not a creation of religion or technology, but rather a creation of God. So, why then do we perceive people as Sikhs or Muslims, Hindus or Christians, white or black, poor or rich, weak or strong? Why, we, as humans, fail to look beyond our fixed perception of life, and judge people by the standard of our own limited perspective.

I use the word ‘sacred’ for life. That it’s essential to believe that the life of each human being is of infinite significance. It’s the essence of all human beings, and defines our humanity.

I believe that if all beings are regarded by all humans as sacred (not as in religion but as in nature), then there won’t be any oppression or discrimination. But, to believe in this, we need to believe in God.

We need to believe that there exists a divine creator of all that exists, and you can name it God.

It’s important because we cannot achieve human dignity without the supposition of the human as “sacred”, or as a godly creation. And, I believe it’s important (and possible) to recognise the sacredness of human beings without giving it a religious connotation. The idea is to create a direct connection between humans and God.
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Be good to be good

PP Wangchuk

Last Sunday, I read all over again all the interesting SMSes that I had received over the last one year. And lived for some time in a world far removed from the reality of the present. If I was thrilled to read some of them, there were others that reminded me how cruel the world we live in is.

And yet some others reminded me of some great virtues of life, which, if applied in life, could make our existence on this planet much more meaningful and enjoyable.
One of them was this: God asked a young girl, "What is forgiveness?" The girl replied, "It's the wonderful fragrance given to us by a flower when crushed. Or the lasting auspicious colour those mehendi leaves give us when ground to pulp."

It is difficult to be a Gandhi or a Christ and follow them. But it is not impossible. One who understands the nature of life and its ultimate aim can very well see reasons good enough to be a Gandhi or a Christ. And if you deliberate on the pros and cons of forgiveness, you will realise that your victory lies in showing the other cheek.

I am a fan of Robert Browning. He is one who would give you gems of lessons for living a good and purposeful life. Reflect on these words, "It's good to forgive, best to forget." By forgiving someone who has wronged you or harmed you, you rise to the level of gods. That is why Peter von Winter, the great German opera composer, had said, "It is manlike to punish, but godlike to forgive."

The best and the most sublime enjoyments of life can be tasted only after forgiving your 'enemy'. You will realise that you have not done anything good to your 'enemy' but to yourself because, as Winston Churchill said, nothing is more costly, nothing more sterile than vengeance.

One has to be necessarily kind and loving because only kindness gives birth to kindness. Remember this truth that you can't be good until you are good to others!
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The eternal bond

Brahma Kumari Asha

Do we ever stop marveling at the magic of love? They say love is as delicate as a flower that a single touch can bruise it, and yet so strong to withstand all storms. Purity makes love bloom and strengthens it for all time. The festival of Raksha Bandhan (Bond of protection), tomorrow,

speaks of this sacred, loving relationship that nurtures, protects and uplifts.
Although the present era has modernised the festival greatly, its simple and significant meaning exists incognito. A number of legends are connected with tying of the ‘Rakhi’ - symbolising the bond of love and protection, but the most intriguing one is where the devtas (deities) are said to have lost their heavenly kingdom to the asuras (devils).

Before he sets out for war to regain the lost sovereignty, Lord Indra’s (King of the Devtas) wife applies tilak of victory on his forehead and ties him a Rakhi. In due time, the deities gain victory and return to heaven.

Rakhi is undoubtedly the only bondage that truly frees us from all other bondages – all insecurities, fear and sorrow. Having forgotten our true identity of being an infinitesimal point of divine energy – soul, atma, ruha and spirit, we have got entangled in the bondage of ‘body- consciousness’ and the web of the vices (lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego).

God comes at the fag end of Kaliyuga, to awaken and enlighten the inner being, and He teaches us how to regain our lost sovereignty.

When the tilak of ‘soul-consciousness’ is applied, and one ties the sacred thread, i.e. taking the pledge to stay in original nature of peace, love, purity, wisdom and mercy, one’s every thought, word and action becomes elevated and divine. One sees every other being as a child of God and part of my spiritual family.

This unlimited vision of brotherhood breaks all barriers of caste, creed, age, gender, religion, socio-economic status, sanskars (personality traits). One then can live by one’s true self-respect and help others do the same.
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Be always grateful

With the rush and constant chasing of new frontiers of life, there often comes a moment when we fail to acknowledge the beauty and essence of what we already have. There is a cute little story on how we fail to realise our own worth. A magician called upon a person and made a 10-rupee

note disappear from his pocket. The person thought that he would get his money back after the show but that did not happen. By the time the show got over, the man grew impatient and went straight to the magician to enquire about his note.
Seeing the sad, dejected face of the person, the magician returned his note and asked, “Are you happy, now?” “Yes, content and happy,” the man replied.

“Did you notice, you haven’t gained anything more than what you had come here with? The only change occurred is that now you are going out with a cheerful face and not with a long one with which you had entered this place,” the magician enquired. “Yes, I understand, our source of happiness lies within us; we need not look for it anywhere else,” the man exclaimed.

“Yes, it’s not that you were not happy earlier, you were. But earlier just because you did not acknowledge the value of what you already possessed, you had also failed to notice your happiness,” said the magician.

That is it. We always want to have more and more of everything without realising that we already have enough to be happy, but we keep harbouring the false notion that we are just one ‘thing’ away from our happiness. And we get entangled with this thought forever, just replacing our demands every time.

It’s in our interest that from time to time we willfully cut ourselves off from the humdrum of our daily life and stop taking a note of everything that we have or have gained with pain and effort, and thus appreciate a thing for its intrinsic value.
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Break your limitations

There are three ways to approach the spiritual process. One way: Slowly by doing the right things through a few lifetimes, you will get there. Another way: You remain in your present circumstances, keep yourself open and focused and make yourself available to your Guru, and when the last moment

comes, he will take care of it.
Another way is: You want to know life beyond its limitations now. You want to break your limitations and go beyond. Then you should not be concerned about what is happening around you because many things will happen that nobody will approve of. Society, your family too may not approve because they related to you because you were one kind of person. If you become another kind, they will not be able to relate to you anymore.

They cannot live with you unless they have the wisdom and the sense to see you as a great possibility that ‘My partner has gone ahead. It is wonderful to have somebody who is ahead of me.” Once you recognise that somebody is way ahead of you, that relationship cannot be husband and wife, or mother and son; it will become something else.

So, the other two options are better for a lot of people, that you do the right things, be available to your Guru, and when the last moment comes, he will take care of it. Or you are not even willing to be available but you do a few little things; practise some kind of nourishment for yourself so that somewhere in the future, something will happen. I do not wish that for anyone. Either you must break your limitations now or at least in the moment of death it must happen.

Between you and the ultimate, there is nothing else but yourself – just your own mental structure. If you have to break that, we have to do something in reverse. This is a simple thing you can do: team up with somebody that you do not like. Spend time with that person, very lovingly, joyfully. A lot of things will break.
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love from soul and sacrifice

Story starts from year 1990 far away in the black clouds of violence and choas a family living with the fear but fear not stilled
in their soul anyway four people were present in the family a responsible and caring soft hearted son of his mother and father
his father was expired some years ago . his wife was golden soul and their child was born that year not affected by fear choas
or any other negativity there were two more members a mother and his younger son wandering like hopeless mates not willing to dare
and sacrifice in the first half mother father son and rest of the two members in the family broke down when the ghosts of violence
and blood reached closer to their home but it was unable to reach their soul of courage and feeling of sacrifice. family was sitting
under the roof of truck keeping peace and calm the baby was in arms of her mother she was confident about him as well as his father
when they reached delhi they had no home facing reality they were filled with hope and love of each other and were dedicated to god
soulfully.the moral of the story describes the patience trust and honesty and love for the family in the times when we are trapped
by the diificulties no matter we are saved clearly by owns selfless and soulfull love and care.
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soul of ants

There is no one like god to care for us god has created humanity and so plants trees grass leaves and animals due to high headedness and in the deep mud of ego we put the foot of devil
over them we learn about good from god and elders they are not simply the only words there is one heart touching story of ants ants are small because the made by the god god
thinks about every souls protection and theirs also due to our arrogance we always crush them by our devil foot why the enemy arrogance does the sinful thing ants are sharing
and caring in nature and are united for every moment be it sorrow or happiness they bite us when we do wrong or disturb them one day ants were going to their home they saw sugar
crystals the selfless of the noble soul goes along with other ants and holding each crystal carefully and walked towards home . Ants have small body but noble and soulful in
quality good nature comes from quality of soul like ants we are so selfishly blind in nature not known to their qualities at all just running in blind race of materilstic poison
we cannot become ants we surely become noble kind soul like them. God bleess everyone noble soul human beings plants grass and leaves we all are his dear children soul of humanity
is dear to him and become blessed like noble ants
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