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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Master your mind

Simi Bajaj, Hindustan Times

No one can escape it. Each one of us has been a victim of this vicious whirlpool of feelings leading you to a state of mind full of emptiness called depression. Life is like a roller coaster ride with so many ups and downs. We have to buckle up and face it with a positive spirit. Each

one of us has our own destiny, which is set before our birth. Many times, one gets the feeling of being helpless, when faced with situations that are beyond your control. This is the time when God is testing you; this is where your inner strength guides you to search for the right cure.
Always remember, when God shuts down your favourite window, he opens another door. It all germinates in the mind. Thoughts generate actions, which invoke reactions.

The great philosopher, Montaigne, had observed that "the great and glorious legacy of a human being is to live with purpose."

The secret of ever-lasting happiness is to first accept the fact that happiness is a journey and not a destination. To be happy, first you have to savour the beauty of your life and live every moment, as if it was your last day on earth.

Let go of the burdens of the past and do not worry too much about the future, appreciate the present and live for today.

Mahatma Gandhi had said, "when I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the creator..."

God has given us so much. We must bow our heads down with gratitude. Life is not perfect, there is grief and sadness everywhere, but our minds have to accept this fact that setbacks should not crush our souls, but should inspire us to surge ahead in life with clear vision. Humanity is the biggest religion above all. Love and kindness should start at home where tender brains should grasp the importance of being kind. And remember these words of Winston Churchill, "the price of greatness is responsibility over each of your thoughts."
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Be a space changer

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

There are three types of space that exist. One is the external space (Bhut Akash), in which all the elements are there. The second space is inner space (Chit Akash) where thoughts and emotions come. And the third space (Chid Akash) is the space of energy where there is no thought, no emotion but 

you feel energy.

All inventions come from these three types of space. We seldom understand and pay attention to these three spaces. You may have noticed in life that in some places you get jittery and angry. In that space, there are people who have been agitated; when you go there, it affects your behaviour.

And when you’re in good company, you feel lighter, uplifted, and at peace.

There is a beautiful story. There was a small hill in a beautiful garden and whenever the gardener would go on the hill, he would invite everybody walking on the streets saying, “Please come and take flowers and fruits.” When the people would come and he got down from that hill, he would say, “how dare you come here, this is trespassing,” and chase them away.

This pattern kept repeating itself. So the wise people thought they would find out in what space he was in. They decided to dig the mound and found a big golden throne that belonged to a king called Vikramaditya. This king had been a pious, generous king of good character and he had ruled the country sitting on that throne, many years ago. Therefore, the vibrations still existed. So whenever the man went on the hill he got into the generous space and when he came down he became nasty. So the space you are in matters a lot.

Similarly, when you are singing in a group, the space generated is harmonious and serene. But that won’t be the case in a disturbing situation. That doesn’t mean you should avoid people because they are not good company. You have to be strong; and instead of running away from negative influences, you must positively impact any environment.
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God, my dearest!

Ajit Kumar Bishnoi, Hindustan Times

 I would like to share my experience; the kind of benefits I am deriving due to my connection with God. There is so much happiness that it spills over. I feel like a king and I have never been happier. Maybe, this is what you call bliss. Peace engulfs. Worries come and disappear. I wouldn't call myself fearless, but nothing disturbs me for long. I feel satisfied with what I have. As a matter of fact, I feel that I have been provided with more than I deserve. There is so much comfort that I feel satiated. All desires miraculously get fulfilled with time; nothing appears impossible. Yes, my desires are proper, because they are inspired by God. Consciousness is slowly turning spiritual; attraction for material objects is diminishing. Not only in the matter of desires, my dearest friend and master, God, guides me all the time. I have completely surrendered myself to Him, and He never disappoints me, not for long in any case. When I stray or I am likely to make a fool of myself, he warns clearly and unequivocally such that I cannot miss or ignore the warning. I have lost count of the number of times He saved me from embarrassing situations. This has helped in my purification, and my self-respect has gone up. God provides answers to whatever troubles me. The answers come from many sources such as from another person or newspapers. I feel blessed. God has such an assuring presence that I never feel lonely. And my mental control comes from God only. I take oaths to reform myself, and He fulfills them. This has helped me in making a steady progress in my life/spiritual journey. Minor miracles do happen all the time. Nothing surprises me any more. I am always hopeful, and why not with God being my support! Time passes as it has wings. Sleep comes easily. People around me also seem to get help from God. Wouldn't I be sad if they were affected? Thank you God, thanks a million!
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Life a learning process

Lama Lobzang, Hindustan Times

 To celebrate the 2600th year of Sambodhiprapti (enlightenment of the Buddha), over 800 world Buddhist leaders and scholars are having brain-storming sessions in New Delhi from Nov 27 to 30, under the umbrella theme — ‘Collective Wisdom, United Voice’. Organised by Ashoka Mission, New Delhi, the congregation will be known as Global Buddhist Congress. Since India has been the birth place of Buddhism, the congregation is being organised at an international level to highlight the contribution of Buddhism to world peace so that social development take place unhampered in a cordial manner. Representing 32 countries, the delegates aim at finding out newer ways and means to examine the capacity and the resilience of Buddhism to engage itself and be useful in giving a more peaceful and progressive world. Hence, the topics discussed include conflicts and violence, social disparity, environmental degradation, the role of ethics and values, besides seeking novel ways to make Buddhism play a more effective role in evoking the conscience of the people in trouble-hit regions of the planet. Besides all-faith prayer meetings, a ‘dhamma yatra’ will end with the planting of saplings from the sacred Boddhi trees from sacred locations like Bodh Gaya, Sarnath and Sri Lanka. A Buddhist cultural heritage festival (Sambodh) will highlight the richness of the cultural “assets” of various nations and how they can be used as cementing bonds between the countries. Focus will also be on how to locate and preserve priceless Buddhist artifacts and monuments all over the country and elsewhere, where they remain neglected. India, the mother of many cultures, will indeed be richer if we can care for our heritage and love of humanity. That was the message the Buddha had left 2600 years ago. And the message will reverberate over this week as the Buddhist leaders will chant in unison the peace mantra for a more loving and caring planet to live in.
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The divine hand

Ravindra Kumar

 When a woman in New York jumped from the helicopter, she forgot to press the button to open the parachute. She became very nervous and panicky seeing immanent death. Suddenly her astral body came out of her physical body. In these few moments of being out-of-the body, she could visualise the right button, which she pressed just in time and landed safely to her amazement. However, her mission changed completely after this experience with divinity. She took to meditation seriously, achieved success and is now guiding people spiritually in New York. One has heard of many people who have reported near-death-experience while on the operation table. They go to strange places, experience extra faculties like seeing everywhere at the same time, travel with the speed of thought, disappear at one place and reappear at another without traversing the space in between, and so on. One must read books like Life beyond Life by Dr. Raymond Moody, and those by Edgar Cayce and Dr. Michael Newton. Some of them have taken to meditation afterwards through a Guru or otherwise in search of permanent peace and bliss. When asked about death, St. Paul said, “I die daily” (in meditation). Real spiritual search begins only after such a touch of divinity is experienced either accidentally or through the help of a Guru, and not through reading scriptures theoretically. Religionists going to temples, mosques or churches have rarely reported touching such levels of spirituality; they mostly remain theoretical with bookish knowledge. When a man asked Guru Gobind Singh that nothing has happened to him in 50 years of coming to the temple, the Guru replied even 50 lifetimes will not help this way unless he finds a jnani (wise man) who can take him to His own level. On how to find a jnani, He said when the desire is intense, the Guru will appear Himself. Otherwise, he cannot recognise the Guru even if living with Him. Many of us in this way miss the opportunity because of not having the “burning desire” to find the truth. -
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