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Friday, December 23, 2011

Balancing your Karma

Ravindra Kumar, Hindustan Times

A woman was walking towards Empire State Building in New York to jump and end her life. She married five times and each one of husbands deserted her. A friend advised her to consult one Dr. Michael Newton for past life regression and know the cause of these happenings. During the session, she travelled back into her five past lives and came to know that every time she came to earth as a male. Higher souls had advised her against it as she would collect a lot of negative karma.
However, before the present incarnation, she requested higher souls to bring her to earth as a woman and that she should undergo the same sufferings that she had caused to others in her five previous incarnations. Coming out of the session, she wept endlessly, which washed her sin/karma. Later, she married and this time it was successful.

A friend in Tanzania owned big factories and was proud of his wealth. One fine evening, his car met with an accident and he died, leaving behind all factories and his family. My younger brother’s teenage daughter in Delhi hanged herself to death through the ceiling fan because of the failure in her love affair as her parents did not agree with her. Some women commit suicide on the death of their husbands and some industrialists do the same on the failure of their business.

Failures like this occur in life to balance the karma from former incarnation(s) and one is supposed to live the miserable afterlife to learn the lesson. But if one ends one’s life without learning the appropriate lesson, one will have to incarnate again under till the lesson is learnt.

If you see a person shivering with cold in winter, you cannot help him much by giving a blanket or some money as the nature wants him to learn some lessons which can be learnt only that way; the next life then may be trouble-free. Only when all lessons are learnt either by suffering or by sincere repenting, one can turn to spirituality.
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