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Friday, January 6, 2012

The hermit’s lesson

JK Verma , Hindustan Times

It was an early sunny morning in the holy city of Kashi. In the eastern border of the city, there lived a hermit with his disciples in a huge ashram. The ashram looked beautiful and serene with flowers blooming and sweet fragrance coming from all sides. Birds of all kinds and hues were making pleasant noise. 

The disciples in the ashram were busy preparing for the hermit’s visit to a nearby town. The natives were informed that the hermit will make an important announcement. The people were very excited. As the  hermit arrived on the dais, he said, “sons and daughters of the soil, I have been informed that an opportunity has arisen that a sacred soul from amongst you is invited to see heaven and the special thing about it is that the person so chosen may visit  heaven with his full earthly body”. 

“I, therefore, request all of you who are desirous to avail of this rarest of rare opportunity to gather here again on the next full moon night. And remember the one who will scrutinise and try to find a suitable person amongst you would have a divine vision.  You will come to know about this at a later stage.”

So, on the full moon night, all the people came up with great excitement. The hermit talked to each one of them. They told him about their lives and how they have been true devotees. One person said he has been going on pilgrimage every year, whatever the obstacles. Another said he offered pure milk on Shivaling every Monday.

After the marathon exercise of meeting hundreds of people, he asserted, “I have listened to all of you and have come to know everything about you but my eyes were searching something else. I could know nothing about what you have done for others in your life time. God has not created each one of us with the same abilities.  It is because of this that we should think of others also as they too are a part of this universe.”

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