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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The inner blast

Ravindra Kumar , Hindustan Times

Just as St Paul was conditioning his mind on the road to Damascus to punish Christians, but had a sudden change of intention because of an “intense light” that possessed him, one has to go through some kind of crisis —moral, mathematical, religious or scientific — in order to experience the “inner blast”. That makes one “twice born” and then one qualifies to enter the “kingdom of God.” 
Richard Maurice Bucke described his experience in his book ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, “The mind becomes overcrowded (as it were) with concepts and these are constantly becoming larger, more numerous and more and more complex; some day (the conditions becoming all favourable) the fusion, or what might be called the chemical union, of several of them and of certain moral elements takes place —the result is an intuition and the establishment of the intuitional mind, or, in other words, cosmic consciousness.”

Richard Maurice Bucke spent an evening of spring in his 36th year with two of his friends reading and talking about Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, Browning and Whitman in particular.

While he was driving home peacefully after midnight, enjoying passively, he suddenly found himself wrapped around with a flame coloured cloud.

He thought it was some kind of accidental light, but soon realised it was a light from within.

The “inner blast” lasted for a few seconds and soon he was experiencing resurrection from the crisis and was filled with joy and an indescribable “intellectual illumination.”

It was as if he had been blessed with bliss that left a permanent taste of heaven thereafter. He learnt that the universe is not a dead but a living reality and that everything is working towards a predefined goal (as per the “teleology” of Max Planck). Love is the binding principle and things are working for the good and happiness of all. The illumination lasted only a few moments but its effects were ineffable. He claims he learned more within the few seconds of illumination than in the previous months or even years of study, and that he learned much that no study could ever have taught.

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