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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vision of life


Despite  all the conveniences and facilities we have because of science and technology,  humanity  still  remains  in absolute confusion and mess. Most people  in the world live their lives without even understanding what it is that  they really want for themselves. Or even if they know what they want, they  neither have the will nor the vision to create this. Most of the time they  settle  for anything that they feel is easy or for whatever is within their reach.

If  one  has  a  vision  of  what  one wishes to do, it is not beyond one’s capacity to create it. It may happen in this lifetime, it may take a couple of  lifetimes  but what we want will definitely come. For that person whose vision  of life is clear and he just seeks it every moment of his life, the highest things will come and fall at his feet.

What  you  know  as  the  highest,  you  just seek that. It does not matter whether  it  is  going to happen or not going to happen, simply living with the  vision  itself  is  a  very elevating, liberating, and joyous process. Whether  it is going to happen tomorrow or after a hundred years is not the point.  You  are not concerned about the result in the end. It is just that you  have  a  vision and you give your life towards it.  This is one of the easiest  ways to attain the highest also. The whole Gita is just about this — to simply give yourself to what you want, not caring whether it is going to happen or not going to happen. It is a spiritual process by itself.

Vision  is  an important way of transcending limitations within and outside ourselves.  If what you want is very clear to you and if you are set on it, what  seems  to  be  impossible today, tomorrow it becomes a normal part of your life. So, have a vision, and right now.

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