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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The winner takes risks

Divya Kapoor , Hindustan Times

I have always been a person ruled by my mind and driven by my fears. Before taking any decision, I used to be scared but would soon realise that I am living for myself and people who bother about me and not for any third person. Then why think about society and why don’t we take decisions instead of thinking about the consequences?

During moments of fear, I remind myself, “Fear is a conditioned response, a life-draining habit that can easily consume your creativity and spirit if you are not careful. When fear rears its ugly head, beat it down quickly. The best way to do that is to do the thing you fear, fast!” We are so much overpowered by fear that we start being slaves of an unknown and nonexistent ‘master’.

We are scared and we don’t take risks as we have the fear of failing.

And then, one day, I decided that I will be a risk taker; at least taking risk will assure me of my existence rather than dying slowly, in fear.

Fear is for losers and cowards, risks are for the brave. It’s better to be a soldier and die with your will, than to be a mouse and die with someone else’s pill.

I take risk with everything now whether it’s decision of going to a different place for studies or it’s just a personal decision. But whatever decision I take is a well-thought and determined one.

Risk takers are game changers; they turn the table on their side and rule the world. Imagine, if Bhagat Singh had been horrified of death, would he have made a mark in the national struggle? If the first person who climbed the Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary, had fears of heights or fear of losing, could he have made it?

People who don’t fear are indeed the people who live life freely and fully; they are the ones who have freedom from their thoughts and theories. They have just one theory—life is larger than fear.

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  1. Divya very straight forward writting.
    I came back to this page while looking for your todays writeup. ...@Mr Jolly we are missing the current updates on the blogsite.Is it possible to parallely upload as the article appears in the print.


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