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Monday, February 20, 2012

All things are His

Girish Bhandari, Hindustan Times

A symbolic story goes that there was a master potter. His works were unique.  And  he  thought  that  he was superior to God himself so far as craftsmanship went. He challenged God to appear and compete with him. God  appeared  and the great craftsman asked him to produce his masterpiece. God  took  a  lump of clay and made a figure that was crude but was unmistakably human. The  craftsman  laughed. “That is what you call a masterpiece,” he asked derisively.

“Now  look at what I can make.” The craftsman took a piece of clay and just  as  he  was to handle it, God asked him to stop. “First bring your own clay  and  then  make  your  masterpiece.” The craftsman replied, “But this is my clay. I bought it the other day.”

“You  bought  it  but did not make it. First make and then work on it.” The  craftsman  started  pondering.  He realised that he had made nothing in the form  of resources during his entire life. In fact, no man ever had. People make  use of resources available in nature and do not realise that they are using what God has given them.  He  prostrated.  He  realised  that  his  gift as a master potter was also God-given.

Newton was a religious man. He believed his ability was the result of  His  infinite  grace.  He  was so humble that he compared himself to a “boy  playing  on  the  sea shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a  smoother pebble or a prettier sea shell, while the great ocean of truth lay  all undiscovered before me.” The same thought was echoed by Einstein too.

Alexander  the  Great realised the greatness of God and His creations  when  life  was  flowing  out of him. He ordered, the legend goes, that his  body  be  carried with his empty palms shown to the public. He had realised  that,  in spite of “conquering” half the then known world, he had conquered  nothing. He was as empty handed in death as when he was born!

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