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Friday, February 3, 2012

Fateful thoughts

Ajit Kumar Bishnoi, Hindustan Times

What is our destiny? Let us examine some famous cases. A prominent politician of a European country narrowly loses his bid for re-election for presidency. Before he could fully recover from this unexpected loss, he is diagnosed with a terminal disease. He is inconsolable. A famous singer in the USA loses his voice due to a serious throat ailment. He has plenty of money to be able to live quite comfortably, but he misses giving live performances to his adoring fans. He can only look back on his glorious past. A popular model of the West is aging. Not many assignments are forthcoming now. She fondly remembers her hay days when sponsors would be competing for her time.

Let us compare these cases with those of spiritual people. One person is making steady progress on the devotional path. He contacts a deadly disease. He prays to God for quick end, and turns his attention to afterlife. Another devotee, who preaches large masses, loses his voice after an accident. He now reaches the general public through spiritual writing, and he loves it.

A spiritualist has aged, and is unable to travel. Devout persons gather to hear him in his ashram. An older spiritualist has become very good in spiritual practices; he trains many young disciples now. There is no retirement for people engaged in the service of God. There are always many spiritual practices one can do; age is neither a bar nor a handicap.,

What is the message? Everything material achieved is taken away at some point, most certainly at death. One can only feel sorry when deprived of what was earned by great labour. This is not the lot of spiritualists - the genuine ones. Their lives go in an upward curve; death is not a game-changer. They continue in the next life where they finish in the present one. Therefore, let us also pay attention to the spiritual dimension of our lives; we should not be left high and dry at the end of our lives or even much earlier.

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1 comment:

  1. Every situation has got an opporunity hidden under it's cover.
    It's a matter of how creatively one applies one's mind/skils to visualise and actualise it :)


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