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Monday, February 20, 2012

The holistic healer

P P Wangchuk, Hindustan Times

If you are not up-to-date with Brandon Bays, you are not being good to yourself. You are not only ignoring your health but ruining your happiness too.

Brandon is supposed to be the latest goddess of 'holistic healing'. True, holistic healing is not a new phenomenon but of late, with new and incurable diseases that have baffled the medical and the scientific fraternity, one sees a greater stress on the “other and godly aspects” of healing.
The New Age guru of holistic healing is in the country, criss-crossing metro cities.

Hers is a fascinating story, almost a fairy tale. It was in 1992, when she was just 41, that Brandon was diagnosed with a football-sized malignant tumour in her stomach. But that didn't bother her at all. She had her own way of curing it; and despite medical advice, she refused to go in for surgery. She wanted to get herself cured her own way, the natural and the godly way. That led her to a rigorous regimen of daily mind-and-body treatment practice. And hurrah, the football-like tumour disappeared within six-and-a-half weeks. The core point of her 'treatment' is that true healing must happen at the cellular level itself. The basic steps needed for this are to detoxify yourself through diet and regular exercises; and forcing your pent-up emotions and feelings out.

Brandon believes the tumour in her stomach was a manifestation of all the ills that were ‘churning’ within her body and mind. And hence, the antidote had to be the reverse process, with the dedication of a warrior.

Brandon says, “I am basically a practitioner of mind-body healing, and what I have developed over the last 17 years could be termed as emotional and cellular healing. It is a journey that leads to awakening about emotional and spiritual freedom.

The point to be kept in mind is you can be your own master; and your mind and body are powerful enough to take care of you if guided properly. You could be your own friend or foe. The choice is yours.

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