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Monday, February 20, 2012

Seize the moment

Divya Kapoor, Hindustan Times

Life never gives a second chance for anything whether it's about mourning over ruins or gratitude for something good done by someone. Life just knocks at the door once; either you act upon it or let it go forever. 
I remember there have been several times when I wanted to apologise but I didn't because of my stupid arrogance. There have been times when I wanted to show gratitude; again I didn't, delaying it for some other time. And I forgot the godly wisdom: my child, live this moment and relish the day.

But now I have realised the value of doing the right thing at the right moment. I have been able to give direction to all my thoughts. I am thankful for even the minutest happening in my life, and show gratitude to whatever someone does for me. If it's my mistake, then it's my sincere apology, for sure.

We always have the tendency of leaving things for the future even if they are confessions to your loved ones. Why don't people confess when the time is right and they are definite about their feelings, whether it's feeling of love, happiness or apology. We are here for this moment and we are sure just about this moment.

Life gives us many signals showing that the time is right and we may proceed in our task but we are so busy thinking about our future or the next moment that we don't respect this very moment. We ruin the time given and then when the time is gone, we mourn.

One must learn to respect this moment, live it fully and cash it because this moment wouldn't be coming again. Respect time and you will earn respect from the world. There is a saying, "Past is history, future is mystery and this moment is a gift and that's why it's called present."

Embrace the present given by life with joy and happiness, so that the essence of gift is doubled by our acceptance, not ignored by our apprehensive nature. One has to be sensitive to all this, and it is a long learning process.

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