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Monday, February 20, 2012

Your God, my God

PP Wangchuk, Hindustan Times

We have come a long way since Charles Darwin shocked and shook the world with his evolutionary theory. God's creation of the universe belief was thrown up as a topic of heated discussion among the intellectuals. And the concept of God, hitherto formally an unchallenged belief, was put to test and debate.

Since then many books have come out on the subject, basically all based on the Darwin theory. The latest to ride the bandwagon is Georges Van Vrekhem, with his Evolution, Religion and the Unknown God. Vrekhem has Darwin as his central figure.

Evolution takes place because of the need to adjust to one's ever-changing surroundings; and in the process of survival of the fittest, the winners come out into a new category of species.

More living beings are born everyday than nature and natural resources are capable of taking care of. And that leads to an 'innovation' tactic on the part of living beings to stay alive. This happens in the process of evolution, acquiring new traits and abilities, popularly now known as the theory of natural selection as propounded by Alfred Wallace.

If Vrekhem has been able to put together various arguments and counterarguments, he has also done a good job in taking into view the latest theories on human genome, critical debates on God and religion and anthropic principles.

His own stand on religion and God comes out clear out of his unquestioned acceptance of Sri Aurobindo who is firmly ingrained in his mind and soul. And he does not seem to have any moral quarrel or qualm with those who do not believe in gods and goddesses.

If your God is unknown and unseen and yet a reality, how does it matter to others? It is a highly personal issue; and you better learn to rest in peace with the rest of the nonbelievers.

Meanwhile, let us think a while as to where the evolutionary process will lead us. Is it that we are going to be reduced to pigmies so that the earth can accommodate the booming population?

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