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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blessful Children and Treat for Their Mother

Gautam Gigoo

Once upon a time in a village there lived mother with her two children her name was geeta and her children raju and sunita both children were very small .

 Raju was elder brother of sunita both of them were loving children of their mother one day geeta was cooking dal and chawal for them on a stove in early morning because in that place there was no electricity any such thing in as city well while making food for raju and sunita geeta hand was burned while taking out rice and chawal in bowl when she had taken out of stove children came and screamed aloud their mother calmed them down saying oh dont worry raju and sunita am fine you both eat tasty dal and chawal specially for you children didnt eat they hold the hands of her mother for some time and kissed on the burnt parts she was relieved from pain and raju and geeta started making their mother to eat dal and rice first raju said open your mouth maa and she eat dal and then sunita open your mouth maa and she eat rice and this was special treat given by children to their mother blessful children

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