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Monday, March 19, 2012

Get close to Him

N K Soni, Hindustan Times

A devotee was frantically giving details to his Guruji. He said he had always been very humble and generous, had been regular in his prayers and temple visits. He had never missed an occasion to help the poor. Despite all this, he said, he had not been able to achieve anything worthwhile spiritually or socially.

The guru thought about it for a while and then asked in what way he had established relationship with the Lord. The devotee explained that on all such occasions, he told the Lord that he was His humblest servant and that He should take pity on him and reward him or solve his problems.

The guru asked him, "When you were a child and approached your father for money or food articles or books and stationery or other favours, did you adopt the same style as you adopted with God?" "No sir," the devotee explained, "Sir, that was a different thing. He was my father. I could slide into his lap or move around or sit on his shoulders, kiss him, embrace him and he would promise to fulfill my requirements."

"Now, here you are", said the guru "that means you have never treated God even as your father. Look here, my son, the purpose of visiting places of worship or sitting in meditation is to reduce the distance between you and the Lord. So long as there is distance or difference of levels like an officer and subordinate, a master and servant, your prayers and devotions are not up to the mark.

Try to establish a close relationship with Him and you will see the speed in spiritual progress. In prayers, when we say 'Tumhi ho Mata, Pita tumhi ho, tumhi ho bandhoo, sakha tumhi ho', it is not just to please Him. We should mean it and sooner we establish such close relationships the better."

The guru embraced him and said, "Be His son rather than servant, your progress will be fast."

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