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Friday, March 23, 2012

Joy of being within

MN Kundu

The  Upanishads uniquely illustrated our doer and observer self. There were two identical birds in a tree. One bird was eating fruits, jumping, singing and  dancing.  After prolonged activities, it came near the other bird that was  all  along  sitting silently and observing without any involvement and doing nothing else. Even its presence was shrouded in leaves. In a state of silence,  the  two  became perfectly identical in existential plane without any activity or prominent manifestation of presence.

The  silent  bird  represents  our  watchful  inner self which is always silent  and  inactive  without  any  involvement in outward happenings. The active  bird  represents our doer social self which functions in workplace, society,  home  etc.  It  is creating and exhausting karma, circling around craving.  When the outward activity stops, we are attuned with the observer self   beyond   worries,  anxieties,  joy  and  suffering  arising  out  of involvement  in  worldly  living. The aim is to invoke this calm inner self and seek refuge in peace and happiness of being.

Another  example  may  further clarify the point. When we take part in a drama,  we talk, sing, dance, fight, weep, suffer or enjoy as per the role. But our real self amusingly observes our own enactment of suffering, sorrow or  death  without  being perturbed at all. In the heart of hearts, we know that  we  are  mere players but exhibit perfect involvement in the drama by words, deeds and expressions.
The tragedy is that in real life situation we forget that the world is a stage  and  we are mere players. We identify ourselves with the role played by  us  and  become  ignorantly  involved  in  doing and possessing things. Seeking  refuge  in the inner self, we can make our life enjoyable in every moment and observe it as a tragedy or comedy.

To enter this inner self from social self, we need to meditate to be one with it. Sit down quietly and observe the sensation and sound of breath, its movement in the body. Meditate on who you actually are beyond your deeds and possessions and discover the detached being within.

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