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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A life of trust in Him

Sant Rajinder Singh, Hindustan Times

Trust in the Lord requires conviction that there is an unseen Power that created us and the world in which we live. Trust in the Lord means knowing that our soul’s journey is under God’s will, that God has sent us into the world for a purpose, and that our destiny is to fulfill it.

Consequently, we realise that we cannot leave this earth before our destined time comes.

Living in trust also means that we understand that certain events happen which are preordained by God; likewise, we have been given free will in which we can make choices.

In many ways, our life is like having an assistant who comes to us each morning at work and says that our day has certain appointments already scheduled and other times free in which we can schedule what we want.

There is a story about a boatman who had two oars. One of them had the word “faith” carved on it; and on the other appeared the word “effort.” One day, as the boatman sat on the bank of a river, someone walked by and asked him, “Why do you have these two words carved onto the oars?” The boatman replied, “Come into my boat and I’ll show you.” The person climbed into the boat and was given the oar that said “effort.”

The boatman then asked the man to row the boat with just the one oar.

As he did so, the boat began going in circles.

Then, the boatman took away that oar and handed the man the oar with the word “faith” and asked him to row with that oar.

Again, the boat began going in circles.

Finally, the boatman gave the man both oars.

As he took them—the one oar that said “effort” and the other that said “faith”—he began rowing, and the boat sailed straight to the other side of the river. To have faith in the Lord is important, but that does not mean that we sit back and do nothing. We need to put in effort as well.

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  1. God in the center
    In life a common complaint is that God has stopped listening to us. We keep whining about how he has covered his ears and that our prayers do not seem to reach him. People say ‘we pray every day but he just won’t listen’. It’s like he has covered himself with a cloud so that our supplications won’t reach him. Why is it that despite repeated reminders we don’t seem to benefit from his benevolence? What is it that we are not doing right, what is lacking in our efforts to appease him, to move him to compassion, to stir in him the mercies, the forgiveness and redemption that he has so graciously promised to us. A story that some of us have heard about a little girl comes to mind. The little girl was asked by her teacher to collect money for a relief project in school. She went from door to door in her locality with the piece of paper that asked people to contribute generously to the cause. She did so diligently every day. Towards the end of the week she paused to count her collection. It was still not up to the mark that her teacher had set for her to accomplish. She was very upset and kept thinking of ways to generate more funds. She went to her mother and asked, ‘where do all grown up people keep their money?’ The mother answered ‘in the bank’. The little girl had her brightest idea. Next day she went to the bank, and went straight up to the help desk. “I want money” she said. The woman at the desk smiled and directed her to the manager’s office. She entered the office and was asked by the manager to take a seat. She showed the piece of paper to the manager and said “Sir I want money, you are the manger of this bank please give me some money.” The manager smiled and put a five hundred rupee note on the table, next to it he put a coin. Take what you want he said to the girl. She sat there pondering for a while. She picked up the one rupee coin and got up to leave. She hesitated and slowly picked up the five hundred rupee note. “So you are taking both, asked the manager”? Sir my mother always says to wrap all things that are precious. She wrapped up the coin in the five hundred rupee note carefully, thanked the manager and left. There is plenty to learn from the little girl. Sometimes we forget to wrap God around our lives. When we pray, we ask amiss. We pray for wealth, health, a good job, love, protection etc. We forget that when we put God in the center of our lives then everything else will fall into place eventually. We lose the child within us. So ask like a child without ulterior motives, in all innocence, knowing that you will receive. Have complete trust like the little girl that he will not fail you. We cannot always be selfish and ask only for ourselves. We need to pray for others who are less fortunate and in need, in doing so we will heap many blessings upon our head. Take what is given without murmurings and disputations of the heart and wrap your blessings in God for they are precious. Our lives are precious, if we wrap God around our lives then we are covered by his grace and that grace is sufficient for us.


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