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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mortality in delusion

P P Wangchuk, Hindustan Times
Delusion is illusion, and none can say that he hasn't suffered from it at some point or the other. It is a curse that afflicts the unaware and the weak.

The Bodhidharma makes it clear, "Delusion means mortality, and awareness means Buddhahood." The issue is why is it that some of us get deluded so easily? And what is a deluded man like? We get clear answers to these questions from Ajit Kumar Bishnoi's book, Spiritual Sense --- The Truths.
Indeed, it is the truth that is laid bare through a self-explanatory story of a deluded man?

This young man had all the opportunities to study and work hard and be settled well. But he frittered away his opportunities; and could not differentiate between the right and the wrong, the good and the bad. Mindlessness was his main feature. He took wrong decisions at every step.

As days passed, he found himself in a mess. He had problems with his family and couldn't get along with others in society too. People avoided him. The man got into depression which made his life miserable. All that he could do was lamenting over his stupidity. He shunned advice from his seniors and the wiser.

As a result, very soon, his mood swing took great speed. He was now under the burden of a mountain of problems and could not sleep. He failed to draw a recovery strategy. He lost the confidence and trust of his people. Life appeared to him a huge burden instead of a great journey to be enjoyed.

Soon he lost faith in himself. He became intolerant and things went quite scary for him. That led him to the ultimate shelter - heavy drinking. His miseries multiplied and his life had nothing but misery to offer.

What are we to learn from this? Get rid of the delusion either your own way or listen to wiser people. Let's care  for the wisdom of Ludwig Borne who said that getting rid of delusion makes us wiser than getting hold of the truth.

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