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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi

Dr Prasanjit De.

Pilgrimage is a quest and expression of one’s faith.  The Vaishno Devi shrine is one such pilgrimage that has attracted so many devotees years after years by its invisible force. It was our second visit to the shrine. We had chosen the month of January as there is less rush of piligrims during this time of the year. During our last visit we couldn’t visit the Bhairon baba temple- partly due to our ignorance. It is believed that the pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi is not considered complete without a visit to the Bhairon temple. This time we planned our itinerary as such.

The very sight of the cloud-clad Vaishno Devi temple from a distance is heavenly. We had reached the temple in the evening. After darshan of the Goddess, we retired early for the night into one of the shrine board guest houses that we had booked. We started quite early the next morning for the next phase of our journey so that we could reach Katra by afternoon. There were hardly any people at such an early hour. Freshened by the chilly winter breeze, we were trudging along with prayers in our hearts towards the Bhairon Baba temple. 

Suddenly, we came across a langur on the wayside trapped by vines. Apparently, the langur looked tired and listless from its long struggle in the wintry night to set itself free. My first reaction was help the simian. But my family members wouldn’t allow me to do so for fear that the wild animal could bite. Reluctantly, I gave up and decided to move forward. We had trudged around fifty steps, when my uncle sensing my dismal asked me to go back and set the langur free! I rushed back to do the same. I was trying my best to untangle the langur in vain. I looked around for someone but there was no one. The very next moment I was startled when someone patted me on my back and asked me what I was doing. I said that I was trying to free Hanuman ji! He smiled and asked me to step aside. Then with a single pull with his strong arms, he set the langur free! I was dumbstruck with awe and reverence. Many people will probably disagree, but for me, He was no other than Lord Rama who had come to help his devotees on that fateful day!

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  1. Jai Mata Dee:

    I would like to share my experience how i got ready to visit Vaishno DeviTemple.
    For last 8 years I am associated with LAKSHMI NARAYAN TEMPLE in Thane and GURU MATA BRAHAMANANDMAYEE(AMMA) who composes and sings bhajan.
    In the year 2007 one day I wanted to attend AMMA Bhajan which was there in my locality at the 12th floor of the building,when I reached the venue I came to know that there is no electricity and as its a new building they have not yet made the arrangement for the generator. As I had a slip disc few years back there was no question of climbing the stairs but I don't know what was that force which didn't allow me to return back home. Instead I thought I will chant JAI MATA DEE and will climb the stairs very slowly, atleast if not bhajan I will be able to have Amma's darshan. I reached 3rd floor by chanting Mata's name and was thinking that more 8 floors I have to climb and suddenly I could hear the voice of all devotees singing bhajan, I was little surprise that how I am able to hear the bhajan from 12th floor. I thought I am just imagining it and put my foot towards the 4th floor but to my surprise this time I could hear Amma's voice clearly. The first thing which came in my mind at that moment was that I must have taken the wrong address and the bhajan is going on at the third floor, I just turned back from the staircase and I found myself standing at the door where the bhajan was going on. As I was the last one to come, everybody were looking at me surprisingly but at that moment too I didn't relaize that something big has happened with me and I enjoyed the bhajan. At the end when it was over, before leaving I asked one gentleman, which floor it is, and to my shock of the life, I heard him telling it is 12th floor. I started to talking myself that how it is possible when I have climbed only three floors, while getting down too I came down with a speed.
    There was no electricity when I reached home and I had a tough time to climb six floors (beacause of my back problem) in my building, but when I reached home I told my Husband(who was after me to visit vaishno Devi for last two years) that now I am ready to visit Vaishno Devi and I am
    going to climb up and want to go to Mata ka Darbaar.

    Since then every year my family visits Vaishno Devi Temple and seek HER blessings.


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