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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Solutions are within

Divya Kapoor, Hindustan Times

We all have problems and so we are always in search of solutions. We go to each and every person who can help us out with our problems but we forget the protagonist,i.e. ourselves. We never try to find solutions with ourselves. We just search ceaselessly and blindly.

I always look for my best friends or my brother whenever I am encountered with a problem. I discuss the issue with them in complete depth but never find a solution because it's my problem and I always have solution because we are the ones who know best about our lives and we are the only ones who can take the right decision.
I made it a task of asking myself every now and then for every small issue of my life; and surprisingly it has worked miraculously.

When we were kids, we were perfect because we thought we know everything and what we don't know, we would know by experimenting and we had no fears and notions.

As kids we did things all our way because we were crazy and we were ignored for our faults because we were kids; but as we grow, we realise there is the need to be perfect and to be definite but we fail to realise one thing that we can just try being perfect not perfect because there is only one perfectionist, i.e. God.

We have solutions within us; all we need to do is follow it with a pure heart and clear mind and faith in Him.

Don't stress yourself for making mistakes as we cannot reach even near perfection. But keep in mind that your own solution is always correct and no one can give the accurate solution to one's problem except oneself.

One must live a life with an eye for solutions, not with an eye for problems. The more you focus on something, the more of it comes to you.

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