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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Write your own destiny

Sadhguru, Hindustan Times

Destiny is something that you have been creating unconsciously. You can also  create it consciously. You can rewrite it; all that we do in the form of a spiritual process is just that. If you can touch the core within you, if  you  can  experience that the source of creation is within you and then shift your whole focus on yourself, you can rewrite your own destiny.

All the time your focus is scattered because what you consider as ‘myself’ is your house, your car, your wife, your education, your position and your other identities. If I strip you of all these things, including your body and mind which are just accumulations, you will feel like a nobody.

Once  you become a true individual, your destiny is yours. Individual comes from ‘indivisible’ – it cannot be divided anymore. It cannot be here and there. Why in the spiritual process people who are in a hurry for spiritual growth are not getting into  marriage, children  and relationships, is because the moment you have a wife or a husband, you fall into a trap. ‘Me’gets identified with the other. The significance of Sanyasi and Brahmacharya is just shifting your focus on you. When I say ‘you,’it’s just ‘you,’ not your body or mind.

If you are unable to be like that, you just choose one identity. When you say ‘you’ make  it  you and your Guru. You attach yourself to the Guru without any hesitation, because you can get as entangled as you want with him but he is not going to get entangled. The moment you are ‘ripe’, you can drop it. With other relationships, it is never so. Even if you want to get free, the other will not let you go.

So, just create a longing to grow, to dissolve, to know. What has to happen will happen. Once  you  become an individual, your destiny becomes yours. Once your destiny is happening in awareness, the next step will happen by  itself, because life within you has the intelligence to choose freedom.


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  1. There seem to be more gurus available than genuine seekers. Unfortunately there is a huge spiritual market worldwide, where monetary considerations are a pre-requisite to enter a spiritual path, which goes on to teach relinquishment of worldly things to attain higher self!


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