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Friday, April 6, 2012

God’s own man

Bhartendu Sood, PTS

This incident happened sometime ago on my way to Badrinath. As the evening set in, I felt tired. Spotting a place to rest, I got off the  bus I was traveling in.

On an enchanting meadow, I was about to open my packed food box, when I heard someone calling, “Gentleman, why don’t you come and take your food here. It will be more comfortable for you.”

As I turned, I saw an old man waiving his hand. Soon I was in his room. He made me feel comfortable, heated my food and served me water and tea. After relaxing for some time, as I got up to take leave, he said,” You should go in the morning. Day journey will enable you to enjoy the scenic beauty. You can share this room.” I agreed gratefully.

Next morning when I got up, he was already free from his morning chores and had kept tea and hot water ready for me. I had a wonderful stay and before saying good-bye, I thanked him profusely and put some money on the table.

“Hey, what are you doing? I’m a retired professor and all my children are highly placed. I am staying here because I want to pass the twilight years of my life away from my kin.”

Then he took me to the adjoining room which gave the look of a class room with benches and tables.

 “See, here I conduct coaching classes for the students of the nearby villages so that they can compete with the privileged lot for cities. Since I’ve much more money than what I need, sometimes I help the needy in their higher education.

Villagers also take care of me. The food what I served you in the night was brought from there and this is a packed food for your journey. And, thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity.”

I didn’t know how to thank him but the kindness and love shown by him is etched on my mind. Here was a ‘karmyogi’ who was ascetic and yet always looking for an opportunity to help others without expecting anything in return.

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  1. Only very few lucky people get to meet such pure n rare people:)

  2. You are lucky that in today's world where money is everything you were looked after so well by that kind hearted man and that man is also very lucky that God gave him the opportunity to serve you and help you during your journey.


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