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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The joy of giving

MN Kundu, Hindustan Times

Unconditional  giving  is  a  natural  principle  and evident everywhere in nature.  Earth  gives  us  solids, liquids and minerals. Water gives itself away  for  our  agriculture  and other uses. Trees give flowers, fruits and wood. Air gives us the very life-breath and the sun gives us light of life.

Even the animals give us their milk, eggs, meat, skin and various services. But what we humans contribute to the cosmos in return?

Isn’t  our role predominantly selfish and destructive? We expand civilisation to disturb ecological balance, spread pollution in fresh natural atmosphere, indulge in ruthless deforestation, kill animals even for sport and consume all natural resources for our own selfish interest.

Law of karma is a natural law whereby we are paid back in the same coin. We have added much for our comforts but we have not been able to attain peace and tranquility. We are constantly haunted by excessive greed for grabbing which is severely disturbing peaceful coexistence. We rarely do what we can for preservation of nature and even our own fellowmen. We have not moved much from the primitive selfish mentality where self-preservation was the law for survival.

What can we give back to the cosmos? We humans are predominantly gifted with mind and intellect. These are very sharp instruments indeed which can be used as surgeon’s knife for healing or as an instrument for killing. Instead of nurturing anger, jealousy, hatred, selfishness and animosity, we can spread love, care, kindness and benevolence to all and thereby transform the earthly vibration into heavenly one. If not anything else, we can at least pray for the happiness and wellbeing of all.

We are here in the image of God. We have divine inheritance of love, wisdom and self-transformation. We may resolve to be engaged in divine enjoyment of nature and God’s creation with love. Jesus said, “Those that give shall receive.” Instead of being always at the receiving end, let us abide by the principle of giving by all means and see how things change for humanity at large.

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