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Friday, May 11, 2012

Essence of spirituality

Sadhguru, Hindustan Times

It is important that the spiritual dimension of life is brought into everybody's lives. Why some people develop an allergy to spirituality is because they are told that spirituality means leaving everything and going to the mountains. It is not true. It is better to learn how to be spiritual in your office, in your home, on the streets, or wherever you are. Spirituality is about your interiority, not what you do outside.Spirituality is an inner science to create a conducive inner atmosphere. The quality of your life is dependent on how you are within yourself. This moment, that quality depends on how joyous, how peaceful you are.

Your body is simply accumulations of what you have gathered from the Earth. When you leave, you cannot take even an atom of this body. So this body is not really yours. Your mind is not yours either. So, there is something else which needs to be looked at beyond these dimensions.

Even if your memory is erased, you will still be there. Your family, your status, your business, and everything that you own in the world will disappear. But still you are there. So beyond all the things that you identify yourself with, there is still something called 'You'. This 'You' is not subject to what you accumulate from outside.  Unfortunately, that 'You' has been covered up and crowded with other things, that you never allowed yourself to look at that. You always thought that what you are identified with is much more important than who you really are.

The whole process of spiritual science, yoga in particular, is to elevate you to an experience that is beyond the five sense organs. When you transcend the limited experience of what you know as yourself, your experience of life is naturally in a different dimension. Then you begin to experience that which is not physical but the spiritual, the divinity of your true nature. You then will begin to experience the joy, the blissfulness of knowing who you really are.

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