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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hope against hope

PP Wangchuk, Hindustan Times

When Emerson said that one must hitch one’s wagon to a star, he had a telling point of inspiration. No man in history could achieve greatness without stubborn hope soaring high into the sky.

In a different wavelength, Samuel Johnson said hope itself is a “species of happiness; and, perhaps, the chief happiness which this world affords.”

And we know that hope not only sustains life, it keeps one happy and positive under all kinds of stressful conditions. One has to hope for the best and then be carefree.  Because hope is the driving force that keeps you struggling without letting you fall a prey to pessimism.

An international researchers’ team, led by the University of Queensland, conducted studies in Australia and China for over nine years and found that those who had hopes for the future lived happier and better. With a sample of 10,000 people, the study showed that people who overestimated how rosy their future could be never had any reason for grumbling and they had all the reasons to live merrily.

Let’s admit that one who hopes against hope never accepts defeat. She/he somehow gets the best ways and means to come out successful in what earlier looked impossible. Such people may be quite rare but they are there.

We say that some people have done miracles but these ‘miracles’ are nothing but the result of their constant and sincere struggle. As someone said, such miracles are fruits of hope in spite of having all the ground lost.

One has to realise what is lost can be regained. Keep in mind that hope with action is the greatest weapon in getting one’s hopes realised.

Remaining cheerful is the key to keeping hopes alive. Before one loses hope, one should repeat Henry Wordsworth Longfellow’s mantra, “The setting of a great hope is like the setting of the sun. The brightness of life is gone.”

Let us take this opportunity to be prisoners of hope (Zechariah) so that we are masters of our own destiny and have no qualms with life.

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