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Friday, June 1, 2012

Goodbye worries

Ajit Bishnoi, Hindustan Times

A person had spiritual leaning from his very childhood. Inevitably, he resisted all attempts by his parents to get him married. He didn't want to burden himself with extra responsibility. After he retired from service, he shifted to a small village in the upper reaches of the Himalayas.

He engaged himself in reading scriptures and translating them. With the passage of time, people of the village became curious about him; they began to visit him. They found him to be very wise. Therefore, they began to consult him about their problems.

Years passed and this man was aging. He needed assistance to do his household duties like cooking. His disciples impressed upon him to move with them and he agreed. His disciples took a spacious place where all of them could be comfortable.

Everything was going nicely till a big earthquake hit the area. Many buildings collapsed. Fortunately, this man's place was safe. Supply of essential goods got disrupted. Electric lines and water supply were affected.  But this man was calm. Some of his disciples were very agitated and did not know what to do, especially that there were chances of aftershocks. They approached him, and he assured them that since they were surrendered to God and were serving Him with their work, no harm would come to them; they will be safe.

But how could he be so sure, they asked? He explained, "Everyone gets his or her share of troubles, because of the painful nature of the material world. Even devotees of God are not immune from them. However, what sets them apart from non-devotees is the help from God. In case of devotees, God steps in, as He has promised in our scriptures. He helps his devotees to come out of such troubles. And no trouble or problem is too big for God; He is omnipotent.

Sure enough, supply lines got restored before they ran out of essentials. Yes, there were some hardships but nothing catastrophic. This man's faith was fully justified. The moral of the story: If worry is your problem, become a devotee of God.

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