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Friday, June 1, 2012

Virtuously yours

PP Wangchuk, Hindustan Times

No sane person will dispute that success follows virtues? One who is a depository of virtues is a sure shot for success in life.  Among the qualities of virtues, the foremost one is that it awakens one’s conscience against any kind of bad or immoral act.
We have it from Roman philosopher Cicero, "The greatest theatre for virtue is conscience." One can say that conscience enables one to cultivate all the virtues that a man can be blessed with.

Authors Anil Kumar Jha and Ajit Kumar Bishnoi, in their latest book, Success Follows Virtues, list 108 virtues and tell us how these virtues, if cultivated, can not only save one from the surety of doom but  can also make one the master of one’s own destiny.

The book gives guidance for developing one's divine qualities of head and heart, such as compassion, devotion, forgiveness, impartiality, courage, determination,  introspection, honesty, vision, truth and the like. And what one learns is that the more virtues one acquires, the easier it becomes for one to solve the problems of life.

According to the Geeta, virtue helps one do what is worth doing without any kind of attachment. And that makes it easier for one to get to the supreme state. We can say one good thing leads to another good thing and one stands a good chance of reaching the point of perfection.

How does one cultivate virtues? By being a man of courage and having simplicity of character, for instance. A man of courage, as Cicero said, is also full of faith; and simplicity of character, according Hazlitt, is the natural result of profound thought. A man who has already undergone profound thought is bound to be a man of virtuous character. The whole world opens up for such a person. And life becomes meaningful and worthy of living.

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