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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lord Krushna Considered an Absolute Incarnation

Lord Krushna was born on the eighth day (ashtami) of the Hindu lunar month of Shravan. Lord Krushna was an absolute incarnation (purnavtar). Actually an absolute incarnation is not an incarnation but The Lord Himself; hence it possesses all the characteristics of The Lord.

The birth of Lord Krushna is celebrated at midnight on Sri Krushna Jayanti (Krishnashtami). This year it falls on 10 aug 2012. The divine principle (tattva) of Lord Krushna is most active on this day of the year.
Not only is His principle (tattva) most active on Krushna Jayanti, but in present times His energy is 100% manifest, and He rushes to the aid of the devotee who surrenders unto Him. His devotee long to feel closer to Lord

Krushna every day and not just on Sri Krushna Jayanti. To invoke Lord Krushna's principle the best solution is to repeat Lord Krishna's Name as follows: "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya" continuously through every action.
Krushna Jayanti is especially significant from the viewpoint of establishing Dharma, and surrendering unto The Lord.

"Where there is Krushna, there is Dharma, where there is Dharma, there is victory.

 Krushna (कृष्‍ण): ‘(आ)कर्षणम् करोति इति’ means the one who attracts.
 Vasudev : This is one of the Names of Lord Krushna.
He is called Vasudev since He is the son of Vasudev.
Vasu (वासु) + dev (देव) = Vasudev (वासुदेव). Vasaha (वास:) means sustenance or the reinstatement of sustenance. From among creation, sustenance and dissolution the deity who governs sustenance is Vasudev.
The deity who bestows the frequencies necessary for life on the earth, to acquire a specific state is Vasudev. (Atharvaveda)
When ahat and anahat sound waves travel together with the same speed, their combined path is called Vasudev. (Samaveda)
The state which consists of the combination of sound and light is called Vasudev. [Gandharvaveda - Sangitveda, a sub (upa) - Veda of the Samaveda]
 Balaram was Krushna’s brother. He carries a plough shaped like ‘ ८ ’ (8) the number eight in Sanskrut in His hand. This implies that He has control over Prakruti consisting of the eight principles. The eight principles of Prakruti are the five basic cosmic elements, the mind, the subconscious mind and the intellect.
 Kansa was the maternal ancle.  Literally in arithmetic kansa means a bracket ( ) which symbolises limitation. Since Kansa’s prowess was limited he could not withstand Krushna.
Rukmini was Krushna’s chief queen. His seven other main queens were Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Satya, Bhadra and Lakshmana. These eight queens represent the eightfold Prakruti. The implied meaning is that the eight principles are within the control of Krushna. Krushna married the 16,000 princesses imprisoned by Narkasur after freeing them, so that they acquired social status. The 16,000 princesses represent the 16,000 spiritual energy flow channels (nadis) in the body. Marrying them means activating them.
Radha-Krushna are the male and female aspects of God. Known as the Divine Couple, together they are the full manifestation of God.

The name Krushna literally means “all-attractive.” So, not only is Krushna/God all-powerful and all-knowing, He’s also the most beautiful Person.

Why should that matter to us? We’re all parts of Krushna—as drops of ocean water are tiny samples of the ocean. The more we know about Krushna, the better we understand ourselves—and the easier it is to understand what life is for.

Jayati Goel

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The Changing Face of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a term from the Hindi language which means a relationship or an association based on protection. This is a festival which

has a long standing Indian heritage. More commonly known as Rakhi, this Indian festival signifies the sacred bond of love between a brother

and sister. this is An Endearing Bonding Between Two Siblings

 It is a day when brothers and sisters reaffirm their relation. The meaning of the festival is self explanatory, as Raksha in Indian parlance means protection and bandhan means a bonding. On this day sister ties a rakhi on her brothers’ wrist and brothers in turn vows to protect their sisters all through their lives.

If we consider the traditional festival of Raksha Bandhan, we can see how many minor yet reflective changes have taken place in the way we celebrate the festival.

Sisters now have the option of sending an online Rakhi to Brothers , if they happen to be settled outside the country or if they might be visiting another country on the day of the festival.

Brothers can also send online  Rakhi gifts to their sisters if they live outside the country.

 Cultural changes have an impact on every aspect of a person's life and festivals are no exception.

One doesn't even need to visit a marketplace for buying Rakhi gifts anymore. One can just look for a website that provides the services of sending Rakhi gifts , and order online by paying through a credit card or net banking. Who could have thought of anything like that happening a decade or so ago?

In todays busy world, though the customs of Rakhi are same almost everywhere but changes have taken place in the ways and trends of celebrating Rakhi. Unlike the past, now markets are flooded with rakhis in innumerable designs, shapes, sizes, colors and materials. From zardoshi to precious pearl and diamonds, everything is used as a material to create beautiful rakhis. One can find myriad varieties of Rakhi threads in market which are very popular among the populace.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan has been celebrated since times immemorial. But things have undergone a sea change.

Now the  question is: Are we giving more weightage to the sanctity of this affectionate relationship by increasing the monetary value of the Rakhis. Shouldn’t we be giving more value to the affectionate feelings, love and togetherness?

Time to think about it ……..Festivals are ,after all ,to celebrate togetherness .

Jayati Goel

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