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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A life of trust in Him

Sant Rajinder Singh, Hindustan Times

Trust in the Lord requires conviction that there is an unseen Power that created us and the world in which we live. Trust in the Lord means knowing that our soul’s journey is under God’s will, that God has sent us into the world for a purpose, and that our destiny is to fulfill it.

Consequently, we realise that we cannot leave this earth before our destined time comes.

Living in trust also means that we understand that certain events happen which are preordained by God; likewise, we have been given free will in which we can make choices.

In many ways, our life is like having an assistant who comes to us each morning at work and says that our day has certain appointments already scheduled and other times free in which we can schedule what we want.

There is a story about a boatman who had two oars. One of them had the word “faith” carved on it; and on the other appeared the word “effort.” One day, as the boatman sat on the bank of a river, someone walked by and asked him, “Why do you have these two words carved onto the oars?” The boatman replied, “Come into my boat and I’ll show you.” The person climbed into the boat and was given the oar that said “effort.”

The boatman then asked the man to row the boat with just the one oar.

As he did so, the boat began going in circles.

Then, the boatman took away that oar and handed the man the oar with the word “faith” and asked him to row with that oar.

Again, the boat began going in circles.

Finally, the boatman gave the man both oars.

As he took them—the one oar that said “effort” and the other that said “faith”—he began rowing, and the boat sailed straight to the other side of the river. To have faith in the Lord is important, but that does not mean that we sit back and do nothing. We need to put in effort as well.
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