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Friday, April 6, 2012

Inner Voice

Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj, Hindustan Times

“Man is an architect of his own destiny.” A deep thinking is required to understand this phrase. Over the years, we have created many superstitions and rituals around luck like the cat crossing our path, wearing the lucky charm on our wrist etc. We actually invest a lot of our time in these beliefs, hoping that they will change our luck…But!! 

Do these beliefs or superstitions have any connection with our luck or destiny? Not really! If you think you are stuck up in life, then accept it and move on to find a way out!

The most practical way is that we can become unstuck and invoke luck just by changing our attitude and outlook towards whatever it is that we are stuck into. Find the opportunity within the scenario that you are in. However bleak it may seem there is atleast an opportunity to learn something new about you, to grow and  enrich your life.

We can make our life full and worthwhile by seeing the opportunities, rather then obstacles.  

A lucky person is one who sees the opportunities in front of them, for this we need to practise being present and engaging with the present.

We create our own limits (blockages) and become stuck in our comfort zones. Never judge or compare your luck with others, rather see and appreciate the opportunities and fortune that you have. We currently use so little of our potential!

Each of us has our own uniqueness (specialities). When we understand our true potential , we can see our fortune i.e. what we can become. Within everyone of us there is a hidden treasure, it is just about getting through the mud and debris to the beauty within us & evoke our luck.
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Mahavir and his ways

Devendra K Kaushik

Mahavir Jayanti is an important religious day for Jains. On this day in 599 B.C. a boy was born in a royal family in Vaisali district, near Patna.  He was named Vardhman. Because of his display of extra-ordinary courage during his childhood, he was known as Mahavir.

At 30, he renounced his kingdom, family and all material possessions. He wandered in jungles like an ascetic, meditating for most of the time for over 12 years, and received enlightenment.

Thereafter, he was on the move to different parts of the country, preaching and spreading his message of peace and harmony. Though, he was the 24thand the last ‘tiranthkar’ (saint of highest order), he was a social reformer and propagator of an already existing religion.  He said, “There is nothing so small and subtle as the atom; nor any element so vast as space. Likewise, there is no quality of soul more subtle than ‘ahimsa’ and no virtue of spirit greater than reverence of life.” Thus, ahimsa or non-injury to other living beings including animals and plants was emphasized.

Mahavir said there is no knowledge without right path; no conduct is possible without proper knowledge; without conduct there is no liberation of the soul; and without liberation, no deliverance can be accomplished.

Similarly, a strong desire for happiness is the root cause of unhappiness and hence, the rejection of material desires and comforts is the only way to get rid of human suffering. His other teachings include refraining from speaking untruth, stealing, material acquisition and adultery.

Bhagwan Mahavir said one should always set reasonable limits to one’s needs and whatever surplus remains should be disposed to the needy. That is why on this day his followers collect donations for charity purposes. Food is distributed to the poor and the destitute.

Mahavir, though born into a royal family, had adopted a simple life of destitute, not possessing even clothes. He taught us to lead a most-purposeful life of dedication to society. Let us come together to emulate his teachings for a healthy society.
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God’s own man

Bhartendu Sood, PTS

This incident happened sometime ago on my way to Badrinath. As the evening set in, I felt tired. Spotting a place to rest, I got off the  bus I was traveling in.

On an enchanting meadow, I was about to open my packed food box, when I heard someone calling, “Gentleman, why don’t you come and take your food here. It will be more comfortable for you.”

As I turned, I saw an old man waiving his hand. Soon I was in his room. He made me feel comfortable, heated my food and served me water and tea. After relaxing for some time, as I got up to take leave, he said,” You should go in the morning. Day journey will enable you to enjoy the scenic beauty. You can share this room.” I agreed gratefully.

Next morning when I got up, he was already free from his morning chores and had kept tea and hot water ready for me. I had a wonderful stay and before saying good-bye, I thanked him profusely and put some money on the table.

“Hey, what are you doing? I’m a retired professor and all my children are highly placed. I am staying here because I want to pass the twilight years of my life away from my kin.”

Then he took me to the adjoining room which gave the look of a class room with benches and tables.

 “See, here I conduct coaching classes for the students of the nearby villages so that they can compete with the privileged lot for cities. Since I’ve much more money than what I need, sometimes I help the needy in their higher education.

Villagers also take care of me. The food what I served you in the night was brought from there and this is a packed food for your journey. And, thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity.”

I didn’t know how to thank him but the kindness and love shown by him is etched on my mind. Here was a ‘karmyogi’ who was ascetic and yet always looking for an opportunity to help others without expecting anything in return.
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Life beyond religion

PP Wangchuk, Hindustan Times

An atheist or an agnostic can be as good and eligible for ‘qualifying’ for realisation as a deeply religious person. What does that convey? That religion is not a must for ‘nirvana’ but only one of the ways.

The Dalai Lama’s latest book, ‘Beyond Religion: Ethics for a whole World’, says one can be a good, kind and compassionate person without being religious. But be sure nowhere does he say that one should not be religious. To be religious is a great thing; but not to be religious too can be a great happening.
The book attempts to discover life and happiness beyond religion. It goes into the search for a new religion that would produce more than religious persons in terms of human values and acceptable to all kinds of people - religious, atheists or agnostics.

The author says in today’s globalised world, sticking to one’s particular religious thoughts could create a hell of a world in which there could be nothing but disputes; and our hope for peace and harmony would go for a toss. Only a religion of humanism will be capable of burying the issues of ‘us’ and them’ once for all. You would be very right if you ask how can one be good and loving towards one’s enemies and the so-called complete strangers. The answer is that the feeling that someone is your enemy comes up only when you nurture such a thought in your mind. If you change that or replace that kind of feeling or thought in your mind, your enemy will cease to be there. He /she is then left out there as a mere reflection of your self.

True, it is not going to be that easy. But given the will, you can always find ways to make it happen. Regular meditation is one way. It has the magic of moulding your mind into a state that you will see nothing but good and beauty in everything around you.
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Miraculous ways of God

Shama Rana, Hindustan Times

God is not my co-pilot; He is always in full control. This sums up my relationship with God. The wonders that the Almighty can do cannot be expressed; it is only for the heart to feel. I too have been blessed on many occasions to witness divine encounters, which may be rubbished aside as coincidence by many. But, to me, it is all His manifestation.

In the beginning, it was just a belief, which has over a period of time blossomed into unswerving faith in Shirdi Sai Baba. Here I would like to relate an encounter with the Baba. It all happened on the day of my job interview, in 2008. As there was only a single vacancy, the opportunity seemed bleak and I was sceptical. I had worried myself sick over the thoughts of impending examination scheduled the next day. I was sitting beside the usher outside the interview board room.

From where I was seated, I could clearly hear the commotion wafting from the interview room and my nerves were getting frayed by the minute. I closed my eyes and asked Sai Baba for help. I opened my eyes and glanced towards the usher who was reading a newspaper.

To my pleasant surprise, the newspaper had Sai Baba's picture on it. I vaguely remembered that it was in connection with some news pertaining to the proposed airport at Shirdi; but it was a message loud and clear from Him to me!

I knew the Baba was with me and he will steer me out of this situation successfully. I rose from my seat, I felt as if my soul had been released and I was flying. While sitting across the interviewers, I knew nothing of fear.

The next day, when the results were out, it was no less than what I had expected. Sai Baba

got the job for me. God manifests his 'Swaroopa' to plant a seed of faith but we have to make it sure that it is solely our duty to see it grow. And then you can see wonders happening in your life.
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