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Friday, April 13, 2012

Think differently

Rajendra Bist, Hindustan Times

It is a godly act that all men do not think alike. Therefore, it has rightly been said that when all men think alike, no one thinks much. The process of thinking is such that greater the thinking, the greater the possibility of achieving excellent results. And the entire innovative process owes its existence to men who had the courage to think differently.

Shiv Khera is right when he says that great men do not do different things, they do them differently. It is a blessing in disguise that men of letters are engaged in the process of thinking which is not intelligible to the men of ordinary prudence.

The result is obviously a great literary work, a great improvement in the existing scientific discoveries - a visible leap towards a great future.

To illustrate my point, I would say that when I was a schoolboy, I used to go to the Boat Club (India Gate) and could never imagine that in the days (or rather years to come) there would be palatial buildings like the Rail Bhawan, Vigyan Bhawan and the National Museum etc.  The Delhi Rail Metro system was just unthinkable then.

These are example of architectural excellence achieved by some of our great engineers and architects. They just thought differently and got the desired results that we see today in awe.

These differently-thinking persons have given us a different and beautiful world to live in and enjoy. But for them, life could have been poorer and boring.

Let us, therefore, understand that the thinking process is a continuous process for there is nothing so good that can't be made better. And, what is good today may be considered ugly in the distant future. A collective, cogent and constructive thinking preceded the concerted efforts of the men engaged in these ventures.

Excellence in any field could be achieved if. the people in that area think of possible ways to improve the existing status. As nothing remains perfect forever, one must be ‘on the go’ all the time.
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