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Friday, May 4, 2012

Power Of Acceptance

Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji, Hindustan Times

The Virtue Of 'Acceptance' is one of the extremely needed divine virtue that can bring not only simplicity in our life but it is also the foundation on which divine powers like power to tolerate, to accommodate, to face can be built.

Usually, most of the people think that to accept or to confess their mistakes will lead to degrade their image. But this is a big misconception. The reality is that Acceptance of the mistakes committed is also one of the great acts of charity. It is said that 'Truth is always victorious', "Truthfulness is the main element of character." When we confess our guilt, the power of truth within us will emerge and 'truth' has the power to make the person in front of us contented and docile.

Whenever the thought of 'hatred' springs up in our mind or if our heart doesn't agree to accept someone's nature, then we have to think a while, why Supreme Almighty  is being called Ocean of Love and Mercy? It is because he accepted all of us along with our vicious sanskars, defects and weaknesses. He never hates anybody , instead he praises us and always tries to make us similar to him by showering all the treasures of His knowledge, powers and virtues.

In order to be like him, we have to make our hearts big enough to accommodate everyone. Hence, the one who accepts others would contribute his best to establish ‘World Brotherhood’,that would enable her/him to be ‘Loved by self, Loved by God and loved by others.
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The Master’s way

Arvind Alok , Hindustan Times

Lord Buddha's quest for excellence lies in the development of human values irrespective of caste, creed and religion. He asked his followers not to follow him out of mere admiration and submission. He emphasised on the practicability of his teachings and gave his followers full liberty for investigation before practising them for their emancipation.

Buddhists around the world understand the very essence of Buddhism by going through the extensive investigations in modern perspective and thus follow their Master's sayings. Needless to say, the world today is passing through a disastrous phase of survival when so many countries have already entered into confrontation.

As a result, the common people are either being killed or disabled, which undoubtedly reminds one of the world going towards a disabled order.

For the attainment of materialistic excellence, we forget to even to maintain the minimum human ethics, thereby worsening the very atmosphere of human's survival.

All this are happening because of the defilements which are deeply rooted into the minds of the people.

We take a lot of care of our physical beauties, but we never pay any attention to the mind as the supreme gift after wandering into many births and rebirths. For the spiritual person, mind is the source of emancipation and enlightenment; whereas for the common men and women, it is mainly for a  healthy, prosperous and peaceful life.

Therefore, we must take care of our mind properly.

We should always try our best to preserve the natural beauties and should never allow to get them polluted so that all living beings can live on this beautiful planet peacefully and happily.

A mindful effort is always fruitful and blissful; whereas without taking this aspect into consideration, one can always fall into the traps of shameful and harmful behavior that takes him nowhere.

We have it from the Dhammapada, “The mind is very hard to perceive, extremely subtle, flits wherever it listeth; let the wise person guard it, a guarded mind is conducive to happiness.”

(Buddha Purnima falls on Sunday)
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A hearty change

Vineet Mani, Hindustan Times

I was half asleep and yet eagerly waiting for my grandfather to begin telling a story. I do not remember that I ever missed an opportunity listening to his stories. His interesting way of narrating real-life experiences has helped me learn a great deal. One day, someone knocked at the door. I could hear murmurs and music outside. After a few moments, Kaka, our caretaker, entered the room and whispered in grandfather's ear. He got up from the bed and moved towards the door. I followed him. I was feeling agitated partly because I wanted to sleep and partly because I did not want to miss my bedtime story.

When I reached the door, I saw an old, fragile and poor man in a tattered saffron robe sitting on the cot. My grandfather and other family members were standing around him and listening to him intently. He was smiling, and giving blessings. Soon, Kaka brought some rice and pulses and put it gently in the untidy bag lying beside the old man. The man walked away slowly, reciting prayers.

I was bemused why this treatment? I walked up to grandfather and urged him to narrate a story. He smiled and put me on his lap and started narrating:

“Around 30 years ago, a dacoit ruled this region and no one could ever challenge his reign of terror. He killed people, burgled endlessly and damaged properties. One day, a small boy somehow reached his hiding place and asked for some work. The boy innocently told him that a gang of dacoits killed his parents, robbed them and that he did not have even a grain to feed myself and his little sister.

“This moved the dacoit and he surrendered. He went to every household and apologised for his sins, and distributed the wealth he had amassed. Now he runs a school for the underprivileged children and serves everyone who is in need. He goes to every house for alms to feed himself. Can you guess who is he?”

I too was moved.
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