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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Is it the right age to meditate?

Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj , Hindustan Times

Mediation is the most common word used today by people across the world.

Every home has atleast one person who is into Meditation.Lets understand what is this all about.To put it in simple words, Meditation is a spiritual love-link of the soul with the Supreme Soul. It helps us to know the spiritual truths of life and transform us into a value-based person so that we are not influenced by worldly matters.

There has been a debate since years as to what should be the right age for Meditation”. Some believe that why should youngsters indulge in these things at a young age? Coz its their age to eat, make merry and enjoy life. Meditation or spirituality is for the old people is the common belief of society.

I feel meditation is helpful for everyone; rather it is of utmost importance for the young generation. At this age, mind is fresh and energetic and not yet polluted by worldly matters. So they can inculcate values and virtues easily and bring about a positive change in themselves, so that they can have a developed and balanced personality.

It makes us fearless, increases our concentration power, helps us to generate pure and positive thoughts, gives us peace of mind and helps us to achieve success in every aspects of life -whether it is studies or career.

It is said “As you sow, so shall you reap”, hence if we sow the seeds of divine values and virtues in the minds of the young at a tender age, we would reap its healthy fruit in the form of a happier and beautiful world in future.
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Travel travail

Rameshinder Singh Sandhu, PTS

I love travelling and believe that it is very useful and makes life interesting. When I was in Europe for my studies, I utilised every holiday break for travel fully. I visited several famous destinations which offered different and new experiences. I met many nice people and befriended some of them. In short, I fell in love with the Europeans.

Now I am in India for work experience,  but I hardly meet any interesting person when I travel around. Before boarding a train or flight, I always pray to God that my co-passenger should be of my age or should be at least a nice one. Unfortunately, my recent journey from New Delhi to Amritsar was far from good and enjoyable. I discovered that my neighbour was an old man who seemed to be very rude and angry.

After sometime, I noticed that the old man was taking two newspapers out of his bag. I felt happy seeing the papers. I requested if I could read one of them. I was furiously answered, "Let me read and do not disturb. I spent my own money on these newspapers. There are still five minutes. Go and buy." I felt insulted. Many thoughts came to my mind but there was one thought that made me cool and calm: all individuals can't be the same.

Soon, a newspaper hawker came in. He distributed a railway magazine and other newspapers on complimentary basis. I got several of them. When the old man had asked for his choice, it was out of stock. It gave me a sort of thrill and I was joyous and read different articles and editorials. I thought the old man must have regretted his own 'doing'.

Later, I saw him reading a book called Organisational behaviour: Attitude Matters. Why is he reading a book of this kind and how will it be useful to him since he does not know how to behave with others? I continued reading my papers and soon fell asleep. When I woke up, he was gone. 'Thanks a lot, God'. I didn't know what else to say!
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