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Monday, June 18, 2012


All human beings are creature of GOD and are part of single universe. We believe good luck by our own efforts and bad luck because of others. We pray to God in sorrow and forget when we succeed. There is thin life-line, drawn by God, in between Life and death, ups and down, which we never foresee, but it is controlled by unknown power. Sometimes we lose by a whisker. Sometimes we achieve unexpectedly beyond our own expectation. Super natural power of god control that thin life-line between GOOD or BADLUCK, SUCCESS or FAILURE. Once we are born on this earth, we find our body is living amongst other human beings; we have to ask our inner voice, what is the purpose and meaning of our life i.e. relations, sharing and caring. The RAM found his purpose in ‘VANVAS’, BHISHAMH PITAMAH found in fighting for ‘KORVAS’,SHRI KRISHNA drived the charriot for Arjun in MAHABHARAT, Tulsidas by giving Divine preachings, Gandhiji found his purpose of life in freedom struggle, Ambedkarji in writing INDIAN CONSTITUTION,MOTHER TERESA to uplift ‘suffering people’. As a common man, we can see many people around us, found their purpose in their lives so easily, an IAS lady officer left her job to take care of her mentally challenged child, A Brother never got married to support his widow sister and her children, a government serving lady helped her divorcee sister and adapted her child to remain unmarried for the whole life. a father gave – up all his earnings for the education of his seven daughters and found every joy of life playing and caring grandchildren, a DHOBI while doing his job continuously for fourteen hours daily without any break provides protection to many families living nearby. There are many such blessings of GOD and we gracefully accept the same to make our life comfortable. How can we live life without such blessings of GOD running through human to human as their purpose of life we have to find it! The one who knows his life’s purpose, its actual meaning, is rewarded by GOD with all luck and achievements. There are achievers as TATA BIRLAS who always treat their servants like their family. MR.AMITABH BACHAN became superstar because he is so humble towards human relations, feelings and sufferings, while acting in reel life and real life. DR.ABDUL KALAM AZAD became president of INDIA because he devoted his life for the cause of nation i.e. ISRO foundation. There are so many examples of common man who is blessed for finding the purpose of life. A shoemaker, who supported his son, relentlessly to become, AIIMS doctor. A salesman blessed with a doctor son and charter accountant daughter for his hard work and dedication. A pherewala blessed with two engineer sons who in return build a new house for their parents. In many ways we can find blessings of GOD rewarded for our pure karma’s (purpose of life).GOD is omnipresent we have to get his blessings only by finding a purpose of life and actually following it with faith, dedication and hard work. So we have to share happiness and joy with all human beings to have contentment and peace in our life. Pawan Kr.Jakhu


Most of the sites on internet which use for social net-working start with www. Here it stands for world wide webs. So www should ideally stand for worship, wise and wisdom, and on the other hand these three W are also the symbols of wealth, women and wine and these are most dangerous in man’s life if he is crazy of only any one of the three. A person with lust remains in burn-out syndrome. Now days, everything is about material things. Getting latest phones, living in the best house, wearing the most expensive clothes etc. everyone wants to be the right at the top in terms of materialism. When people would choose to have money, cars, houses etc. over God. Forgetting all about the Creator during the midst of these things. That is what the bible says, I do believe in Mathew 16:26; “What does it a profit a man to gain the world but to lose his own soul.”
In this materialistic world everybody is behind three W. Very few people are there who do not want such a happiness which is not perfect or complete, which is incomplete or transitory. They people do not want such a life and wish for such a knowledge which is incomplete. They want such a happiness which should never end. They want such a life which should always be.
Flies do not discriminate between filth and honey; they flit from one to the other. But bee is attracted only to the sweetness of honey. Similarly, there are indiscriminate human beings who like flies are drawn to material desires, no matter how impure, some may once in a while feel attracted to God and meditation, but as soon as another temptation comes they are captivated again by the material life. The devotees are like a honey bee. Devotees love only what is beautiful and good. They will feel goodness, and ever seek the sweet nectar of God’s presence in meditation.
There is nothing which is eternal, perfect or absolute. We hush up the desires to seek Truth by petty worldly desires and become happy or unhappy at times and intervals. Sit and connect Inner net  instead of internet and it will enlighten the inner experience and realize the real nature of ours. And three W will transfer in worship, wise and Wisdom. Do worship, become wise and get wisdom.

Kamal Wadhwani
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It was one of those hallowed days when the great benefactor was moving restlessly in quest of the mystery behind the endless sufferings awaiting this fugitive life. Undaunted, he was moving, engrossed in his thoughts and unconscious of the world outside his radiant face was overcast with an anxiety that reflected the tension raging in his mind. Feverishly he was striving at the problem of Relativity and Absolute. Suddenly his attention was attracted by a flock of sheep moving at that unusual hour, for it was noon, and he witnessed a peculiar scene in the flock. There was an ewe with two lambs, one moving ahead and other limping behind; for somebody had hurt it. The attention of mother was divided between the two and, vexed, she moved here and there lest she should lose one or the other.
All compassionate Buddha came down from the high plane of his mental sojourn and took the bleeding lamb upon his neck with the idea of relieving the ewe of her distress. On enquiring from the shepherds Buddha learnt that the entire flock of the innocent creatures was being taken to king Bimbisara to be offered by him as a sacrifice that night. Moved to depth by the news, Buddha decided to accompany the flock. Buddha was thinking of the dumb creatures who reposed all their trust in their master, the shepherd, who betrayed that trust.
At last the flock reached its destination. As Buddha entered the hall where sacrificial fire was burning and priests were chanting ‘mantras’ to sanctify the victims offered for sacrifice. At one end he saw a stream of blood flowing. At that critical moment Buddha sought leave to speak. His voice was vibrating with compassion and fellow- feeling. How callous and merciless man was in betraying the trust reposed in him by mute creatures, Buddha lamented. The dumb creatures who offered to man milk and wool, themselves feeding upon the fodder that has natural growth, were slain in return of their sacrifice. What mercy should then man expect, who was a usurper, who took everything and gave back nothing?
His words, full of disarming simplicity and innocence, moved everybody. Sacrificial fire was scattered and no more blood shed. Proclamation was made to the effect that there would be no further slaying of any creature in the kingdom, for any purpose whatsoever.
Kamal Wadhwani

Not even a correct national phrase in India

 'Satyamev Jayate' scripted on the national emblem ,is something which is incorrect.
It is not clear that from which book it has been taken.

This phrase was used by Sangh Govt alongwith the national emblem as a symbol and stamp.
But in 'Ratnakar Sanskrit this phrase  is found in the book, and in the place of 'jayate'  it is 'jayati'.

It appears  grammatical error in this phrase,it should be Jayati instead of Jayate.

Talking about common sense  Satyamev Jayate has been taken from which book ?
Answer: From Mundkopanisd, but it is Jayati instead of Jayate.

सत्यमेव जयति नानृतं सत्येन पन्था विततो देवयानः ।
येनाक्रमन्त्यृषयो ह्याप्तकामा यत्र तत्सत्यस्य परमं निधानम् ।। (मुण्डकोपनिषद् 3/1/6)

Satyamev Jayate ' is our national phrase। इस वाक्यका ‘जयते’ शब्द ‘जि’ नामक धातुसे बना है । ‘जि’ नामक धातु प्रथम गणका तथा परस्मै पदपर है
 हां, ‘परा’ तथा ‘वि’ उपसर्गों के साथ ‘जि’ धातु आत्मनेपदी रहता है और तदनुसार ‘पराजयते’ एवं ‘विजयते’ सही हैं, किंतु ‘जयते’ नहीं ।

  Many years of the reference number of Sanskritbhasha experts has been informed for this change to the govt of india , but this change has not been charted and even no ordinary person has been informed about it by the govt.

How come this error  occur in the motivational sentence and ruled sanskritist not drawn attention to the need to know to get started.

Jayati Goel
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